BARBARA KAY Une alliée dans le ROC



Ms. Kay,

We really appreciated your yesterday’s column (, which sets the record straight on Bill 21 and gives a voice to the Quebec point of view, not heard in English Canada.

You are showing courage and that is what society needs most at this time. Thank you for your commitment.

Thank you also for referring to the hijab controversy for young girls, involving Dr. Emil and the CMAJ.

We expressed our support and solidarity for Dr. Emil who expressed with courage, legitimate views and raised issues that need to be debated.

Enclosed, the letter we sent to CMAJ on behalf of our association.

Best regards,

Claude Kamal Codsi,


Rassemblement pour la laïcité (RPL)


Réponse à Claude CODSI

Suite à cet envoi, le président du RPL a reçu une réponse enthousiaste de la part de Barbara Kay, dans laquelle elle manifestait sa satisfaction de recevoir un tel appui et soulignait le grand courage de ces jeunes femmes qui s’opposent au port du voile.  Elle renouvelait son accord avec la décision du gouvernement du Québec de mettre en vigueur le « Bill 21 » et la nécessaire neutralité de l’État dans le secteur public :

M Codsi,

How wonderful to receive this response to my column. I love your letter to CMAJ!! I am not the one showing courage. Rather, these amazing young Muslim women who will not bow to the tyrants who oppress them are the ones with courage. I am so full of admiration for them. It is such a small thing to write a column on their behalf, when I do not worry about going to prison for it, or being beaten up for it.

Quebec is doing the right thing with Bill 21. Let the rest of Canada do their virtue-signalling. In the end, it will be well understood that neutrality in the public sector is the only way to be fair to everyone.

Chapeau, RPL. Bien à vous, Barbara